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Fight your friends and players from all around the world for dominance - or just plain fun. Your arsenal will aid you in your battles, so get a going, soldier!


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anybody play ?


1.How to play with friends?

2. It is a pity that i cannot climb a tree, I liked to shoot a sniper rifle from a tree with my friends :D

3. On Facebook you can organize hours of fun in the Russian army, surely many people would like the servers to come alive :)

What is the title theme called?

I really like it :)

Found a Trojan :)

Yeah, it's a misfire. Some antivirus think because it's encrypted it's gotta be a virus, trojan, worm.

is it offline

No, the server's alright. You having connection issues?


This is cool game , i making games too . I inspirating gamevial :) ( sorry for my bad english but i am from poland xd)


Jesus! One of my favourite games. I literally spent years in it, you should insert more graphic settings in my opinion.

The game has too much shading. The result: high demands and CPU and GPU usage. The old version of the game without this shading was better. You can see through the sniper much further than today. Can he fix it? It also adds a photo from a common game error

It's your graphics card. That's not normal, not at all. Try with updated drivers and most of all, make sure it does run on the correct GPU.

Super game! Where is players?  Google play? works good

No players, no google play, sorry. If you want players, invite your friends :)

How do you invite friends then?