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Choose to be either dragon or knight in a firy battle to the death!

The game was originally built by gamevial and repacked to work without webplayer.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorRaven-Woods Developement
TagsDragons, knights, Multiplayer, online, PvP


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Knight Of The Dragon - Standalone.zip 12 MB


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it wont let me download, my pc thinks its a virus :

ok i told it to proceed and it works great :D

thank yall

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I can't login

Deleted 314 days ago

Yeh, likely. Quite likely. The game's old after all, maybe it was still cpu dependent back then - or maybe I'm all wrong and it's just a missing call to the time between two frames.

Why pay

There's no pay. You may donate though. 

I figured out how to download it, thanks. In the meantime I discord yigitamauyuyor :)

Will Chicken Thru Time 2 be released?

I don't think so. Unless it's in a certain package found on our discord, it's unlikely there'll be a fixed version.

So I turned into a spirit somehow...then I drowned. Also the default walkspeed on this would make Usain Bolt jealous. Maybe it's the power of my laptop?

Yeh, it's likely to be buggy at this point. Haven't gotten around to fix the references and variables that lost their values when the game was decompiled.

Ah, I see. Also, I happened to notice that any supernatural being (that means dragons for sure, and spirits (which I turned into twice) as well) are harmed by water, with a special death message and everything. Is this intentional?

I think so. I know for a fact spirits can't cross bodies of water, don't know about dragon though :) Sound pretty intentional.

I remember playing Knight of the Dragon back when I was little. I always became a dragon. Yes, I think it's intentional to die when touching water as a dragon. I distinctly remembered that it happened to me whenever I did as a dragon back when Gamevial still existed and the game was playable on their website.

have you ever become a Spirit? What causes it?

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Nope. No access to the game source itself. Only some sweet, sweet dll editing.