August 04, 2020


+ Food can be found in the world around you. Worms, rats, butterflies, junk food, it's all there. Same goes for twigs.

+ New Bird: Blue Jay

+ Height of Flight is now limited. 

+ Long overdue, resolution settings! Yay!

+ Private Rooms. Command is to be entered in chat: 
/joinroom ROOMNAME (replace 'ROOMNAME'  with something that contains cityscape, hillscape, snowscape, islands or industry to change the type of level. Defaults to cityscape)

* Day-Night Cycle is somewhat fixed. Might be subject to changes - maybe.

* Improved chat

* Several changes to the network code.
If something doesn't show in multiplayer, please don't refrain from reporting so it can be fixed :D Thank you.


flab3.apk 58 MB
Aug 04, 2020 39 MB
Aug 04, 2020

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