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I tried signing up, but haven't received the email verification code, tried again the next day, still no code, advice?

Valid email address?
If yes, Spam folder?
If not there, tried a different provider?

1. yes
2. yes, not there
3. can't get back to the screen to put in a different address

What's your username then?


Ah. Sent you an email to the email address you used.
Received no error message; then again, idk if your provider even returns error messages

Good day

So  is Inviting people the only way to see and play with players? There's no room for anyone to join and chat with strangers and have fun? if thats how it is? are y'all going to be adding a room where players can meet random players? 

Also, are there any new birds?

Thank You!

Everyone can join at any time. There's no restriction (unlike the old flab) for each room.

Yes, there's a new bird

Thank You!

But I'm having trouble logging into the game?

I registered and it's saying what's on the screen?

What am I supposed to do?

Both username and password are case-sensitive. 

hi, how can i get multiplayer? like there is nobody and there isnt the chat. someone help pls i dont wanna play alone

Invite other players to join the game. 

Hello, im sorry for my ignorance, im still learning english. I read the replies, but there's some things that i cant understand. I wanted to know if the multiplayer mode is working, because when i enter a room, there's no chat, or just no one at all.

Also, there's no recycle bins, is that normal?

Yeh, multiplayer works. I don't know why there's no bins; last time I checked, they were there and working. 

I love the game, but I wish there could be more features. Like you could add unlockable birds by doing tasks, events, some form of currency, and/or updated graphics. I also don't see many pedestrians that you can poo on.

re: Unlockables 
- This was actually debated a while ago - people didn't really like the idea though. 

re: Quests
- Would require more gameplay first, in order to have a broad variety of quests.

re: Currency
- Nah, too mainstream :) 

re: Graphics
- Planned

re: Pedestrians
- Yeh, I agree, but for the lack of a proper modeller we need to buy assets in order to replace old stuff.
What's available is mostly low-poly, which would seriously conflict with the graphic style of the game.

Thanks for the suggestions though :D

Deleted 166 days ago

Hey the day and night cycle seems to be broken sometimes it puts you on pitchblack map and doesnt change. And on multiplayer its about to change but keeps looping between early sunrise and just after sun is up. Will this problem be fixed or is it meant to not have day night cycle like the one in past? 

Yeh, seems like the system broke (and the bug somehow evaded our debug squad) ..
Working on a replacement 

Thanks for answer hope its fixed soon!

There is an issue when trying to log into my account. I press the login button, put in the code that gets sent to my email, and then press submit. However, I just get sent another code every time I submit the previous one. Is there any way to fix this?

You may need to enter the exact code, including c-

I have entered the exact code, but I still get a prompt telling me to wait for a code and then submit it.

I manually activated your account after verifying there's no error coming back
Will look into this.. seems weird. 

Deleted 200 days ago

No, this is there to stay. Issues shall be fixed when reported and properly analyzed, but the system will stay :) 

 ??xD (Android)

:'D Horribly misplaced android joypad, isn't it...

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Dear Kouga, Just have brain and writing to you to make flab3 popular. when will the update coming? 
I don't like coming flab 3 empty rooms and you are so proud of flab 3 inactivity.
if you like flab 3 inactivity then stop wasting your money.
Look at gameflare and other site. they aren't aware of flab 3 version and they were expecting flab 3 site multiplayer to work. Count them, they over 100+ people complaining.
and you turn on slow mode in your Discord channel. you did that because they dont want them to swear for you
 before you want to reply me. talk sensible or sell your giant pawpaw
Thank you

Update is coming when update is stable. Unless you prefer a version with bugs that happen at the worst possible time. Testing takes ages especially with people having an actual life aside from Flab3. Also, unpaid people. Keep that in mind, might be important later.

Not proud of the lack of players in flab3, idk where you take that assumption from. The server's running on our (that is, a couple of people) money and my maintenance efforts, I'm unhappy with it being so underused. Can't be helped until the game's a little more stable. No use advertising a game that's unstable. Oh, did I mention the people working on this ain't paid for it? Think I did. 

About Gameflare: It's their responsibility getting multiplayer to run on webgl. They asked for the source, they got the source, they went for WebGL which is incompatible with the included networking plugin. People can always go ahead and download our version instead if they want a working multiplayer mode. 

Slow mode is there because *certain* users thought spamming was fun as hell. People can still post, in case you didn't notice. 

Also, don't demand sensible answers when your whole text is one big rant, mr "I don't have a username". 

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you should still advertise the game even if its not done, would get more people aware that it actually exists. Mrs "i don't have a username"
(1 edit)

Keep your unqualified comments to yourself. You have no idea what's going on and do you think you have the right to complain about a FREE game?  First gather your thoughts and get the correct information before you start writing something here next time. thank you

(1 edit)

Please i didn't call your name. be good 

and am not the only one complain about free game. if it's premium game, i will pay straight. So try and zip your mouth

People can pay for the game if they want. The fact they don't means they'll be the first to complain if it was a paid game. The fact *you* didn't so far makes your statement void. 


Advertisement costs money and even if it didn't, it'd cost time and effort. Not worth the trouble until the game's ready, mr "All I can do is throw stuff back at people"

You should make videos about flab3 where people will see it.

You should Post pics about the game on various social places other than discord

eggs broken ? bug ?

Yup. Bug. Fixed bug in the next update though.


(1 edit) (+1)

I've been playing this game for years and I'm a fan of the game please keep updating
(please prioritize bird models)
<3 <3

Gosh I've played this game since FLAB2 and after a long long break after growing up from my browser gaming days I finally came back to see if FLAB3 was still live and kicking. Spoiler: It wasn't :(

But then I continued searching and came across the wiki, the discord and then finally the itch page and I am BLOWN AWAY that this game is still getting traction and updates and has a dedicated community in it. 

This was my childhood, thank you for keeping it going, the nostalgia and pure joy this game brought, from the frustrated deaths, making nests and eventually getting chicks, to cheaters and trying to go against them. Man you're the real MVPs 

It's so good to see this game is looking good. The pigeon model looks gorgeous, the new birds?? omg the parrots.... the lil birdies... i love them... so much

Thanks ya'll for keeping it kicking, I'll be coming back to play with some friends too *w*

Thanks for the kind words :)
We're doing our best. Keep in mind there's gonna be an update soon,
changing some stuff. What doesn't work now might be just fine next version.

Hey, there seems to be a bug in multiplayer on PC where the egg will break whether or not you're sitting on it. Is this a known bug and is there any workaround for it?

Actually, it seems to be a problem just with the smaller birds, and it's in both multiplayer and singleplayer. I imagine the "hitboxes" for the egg warming are just too small?

Already fixed in the coming update (which is being re-tested due to security measures having been added and stuff tends to break with big changes) - but you're right, it was about the "hitboxes".

hello are you going to add other birds?😊 and i love this game 😍

Planning to :) Depends on what assets we get our hands on though.
For a lack of modeller, we're buying stuff so we need to see what we can get
in order to add new species.

do it work in 2 gb ram pc ?

Should work, yes. But make sure your graphics card's drivers are up to date.
Also, if the same card is from 20 years ago, this might cause issues. Other than that,
it should work. :)

thx i enjoy it but it got no many things

and noone use multiplayer

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@The little dramaqueen posting idle threats and insults just because you don't get what you want (whatever that is) :

Bite me. Update's going to come and you're not going to stop it. 

If anything, now more than ever. 


sad to see so few players on now since gamevial shut down, but i'm very grateful you guys got this so we can still download it and play. the updated pigeon model looks fantastic btw. 

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i happy this game still alive


this some nostalgic shit 

hi, will you back fly like a bird3 and lif on play market soon?

Won't be on google play, sorry. Too many requirements.


Hi.I found someone who can make other people's games crash.This can seriously affect the gaming experience for others.He have a lot of names such as blackwolfking and kingslayer...He kept crashing our game until he quit but I don't know how he did it.Can you  see what's going on?Thanks a lot!: D


I shall keep watch :) Thanks for informing me!

gamerz(Maybe it's his real name) and 0imlost0,they secretly speak ill of you.They said you are retarded and think you are breaking the game...I don't think flab has changed.It's just that these people influence the game(Their quality is really low).

Let them speak ill. If it's helping their underdeveloped ego...
It's not as if I could keep them from doing so. If they don't like the game as it evolves,
they're free to leave.

how to download updates?i love this game 😁

Just.. click the download button? 


how play together pc and android?how ?


Just.. go in multiplayer? Seriously. xD

theres no one there in multiplayer?😁

Multiplayer works but people are hesistant to download the update.

Hello, im big fan of flab but I dont see players in the new update. Can you make the older version downloadable again?

That's because there's few players right now as it seems.
This problem won't be fixed by providing the old version - the more get the update the better.
If there's no reason to get the update, why would they? :o

(3 edits)

For the MacOS users:
- Right now there won't be a specific mac version.
- There might be android emulators for mac.
- You might get lucky and be able to play the game this way.

I was sitting on an egg, but it still broke. fix it pleaze

Yeah. Update isn't up yet :) Sorry.

ok, i will wait for next update

why is there no download for macOS? :(

Because security on macOS is a nightmare. Until I find a solution to that, the mac release will be .. delayed.

oh okay. i will have to wait ^_^

(1 edit) (-1)

I made this account just to specifically tell you how I feel about your development on fly like a bird 3. 

Ever since you started changing everything on this game, you have only made it worse. Terrible model changes, your graphics are way much more terrible then a camera recording a ghost video. Your models for lif are unbearably ugly and disgusting. The hell did you do to the animations? They are terrible and that pigeon flying animation is truly awful, you can't even make it loop right. I don't care if you get offended. Because Kouga you're a sentimental baby that takes everything as an insult. Your development with gamevial's game are a waste, you are incapable of doing this. You need to stop, hire someome or just quit. Because if you think you're doing a good job, you're not.


Thank you for your feedback.

I will have to let you know that lif wasn't changed at all.
Same goes for Fly Like A Bird 3, most models and animations are fully untouched and
are just about the same as the old games.

As for your personal-grade insult; What's your problem? Got your ass handed to you last night?


Oh I don't know what my problem could be. Maybe it's because what you added in this update made the game worse. Nobody will play that shit. And the sounds to "scare" the hackers make me laugh lmfaooo

You know volume buttons exist right? Plus there are rarely any hackers in the game. The model pics from lif you shared are terrible. Oh w olfquest is worse than your games? Dude, you're roasting yourself by saying that.


dude if u don't like it, shut up and dont play it

ripping off about the game just cos u think its not good enough just makes u look pathetic to everyone else who sees these comments, plus its not gonna make the game any better

(1 edit)


You seem to think the sounds are the only thing happening ~ Well, who am I to destroy that illusion.

About the pics; That's your personal opinion. Who am I to deny you that.
Know mine? You sir, have the bad habit of thinking your view is absolute. Others might think differently. Your choice of words tells me you think it *is* just as you say; which isn't neccessarily the case. 

If you're that hellbent on being right in real-life too, I wish you have very tolerant friends. Though I tend to think there may be very few; one so frustrated might take it out on others too. 

I downloaded the file to my mac but it wont open:( shouldnt be about my security settings or anything, does anyone know what to do?

Ich liebe dieses Spiel auch . Und ich habe es auch damals sehr oft gespielt...war immer toll...und ich freue mich sehr es hier wieder zu finden !!!!

:) Freut mich, dass du dich freust! Willkommen zurück!

I was thrilled when I found out that it was still possible to play it. I understand that the game has not been updated much, but I played it for some part of my childhood and remember the feelings I felt when I met people. the community of these developers may not be equal to the community of bethesda (what am I talking about, lol?), but I'm really grateful that the game remains alive.
p. s. I played all the developer's games and I want to say a special thank you for them.

Haha, thanks,

Hello, I really love this game and it's nice to play it again after so long!
Unfortunately I'm encountaring an issue where the water does not seem to load properly, this happens in hillscape as well. A friend says their water is fine, so I'm not sure what to do here, or if anything can be done in the first place. 

(1 edit) (+1)(-1)

Try these:
- Update your graphics drivers. 

- If Updating didn't work, try a clean reinstall of the drivers.
Deinstall. Reboot. Disable Antivirus (if used). Install. Reboot. Enable Antivirus (if used)

- Make double sure the game runs on the correct core (if multiple cards are used)

- Never *ever* run it from the zip; always extract first and run from folder

- Maybe the files got damaged somehow. 
Re-download with disabled antivirus.

someone for play? plz

I've been playing this game for 4 years and I love it

Raising chicks ??

i saw it for the first time

Should be working.

How to raising chicks ??

Build a nest, lay an egg, hatch it, feed the chick!

Possible to make it multiplayer? all the severs are...empty

It is already multiplayer. Otherwise you'd not see rooms to begin with
Them being empty is the result of too few players.


OMG.. I love this game! Thanks for creating it and making it online. It's so fun and has so much stuff to do in it! Also.. just one question, will you be adding more features/other objectives? Thanks again.

Unlikely. Every time I try to change anything worth of mentioning something completely unrelated will break
Right now the game just works. One learns to be grateful :'D 

Maybe at a later date.

Android Please 😭

Not in the near future :) Sorry.

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