A downloadable game

In order to play the game properly, hardware acceleration is a must. 
If you do not know how to enable this for your browser, google is your best friend. 

Click here to play


Ever dreamed of flying? 

Fly Like a Bird 3  allows you to do all the things a real bird would do.

These include
- flying (of course)
- finding food
- building a nest
- laying eggs 
- raising chicks 
- pooing on people

The game comes with a variety of species and environments to choose from,
amongst them pigeon, crow, barn owl and sea gull.

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Want to develop your own FLAB-Version? 
According to the original creator's wishes, this game is open-source. 
We took the freedom to remove some content though in order to limit the cloning.

Requires Unity 4.7 and some work to get running.

Also, please refrain from uploading your build to itch.io, google play store and steam. You might get in trouble if you do (copyright and stuff).


Discord Link


Development log


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damn I remember this game I think I played it on bubblefox (rip?) 15 years ago or something... nice

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Greetings kouga! your old friend snoots here. I just wanted to tell you how many people appreciate the flab3 game being active and multiplayer once again. there are a few bugs I wanted to report on trello but I wasn't sure you were getting them so imma just put them here

1.  snowscape seems to lack player shadows

2. pigeon bug, head stays up while flying if it lands once

3. no lights in cityscape? noticed that city building lights dont turn on at night, so if we don't have a system that turns them on at certain times in game I recommend making them always on regardless of day or night

4. human issues- I noticed every scape seems to only have one human regardless of players in room. I think you said somewhere that human linking as well as food, twigs, butterflies, and fish was off meaning they are in different locations for different players. im fine with all that but human count should definitely be increased

5. are people supposed to get a twig just by pressing t?

not a bug, but a serious suggestion. I really think that the multiplayer build should be offered to a game website with more players, like crazygames or gameflare. I know this was a very controversial idea for you but I believe many more players will not only increase the games quality but also make many people more grateful and aware of the raven-woods company. until then, I would suggest removing a lot of the extra rooms and make 1 or 2 for every scape. this would help the players who play the game now by making it easier to find each other and interact

thanks for reading. I am excited to see where flab3 and 4 heads and becomes!

EDIT: I made a mistake, only multiplayer seems to have one human, single player has more. (also, that pirate song on the older link is catchy)

You guys should make a download launcher for this. It's rather annoying having to keep the tab for this game open at all times waiting for when I feel like playing.

WebGL makes it more accessible for all platforms. 
A download launcher requires platform specific compilation which doesn't only eat a lot more time 
but also tends to cause hard to fix bugs.

The download link appears to be broken! Is it still available for download or only on browser now?

Definitely browser-only.  Makes it easier to keep things updated without having to use updaters.


Thank you for re-uploading and updating the game, While unfortuanaly I can only get 20 minutes or so enjoyment out of it, Its always really lovely to visit and childhood game and share memories with other people, I notice the page mentions FLAB 4 on steam Is that still planned? 

Definitely. But right now we're working on LIF2 and with our team being reaaaally small it demands full attention.
But most of the source already stands and all that's left is some cruel debugging. 


Hi there! This game use to be really popular, mainly the fact it was on Android, and other platforms. Unfortunately the last time I played this game it was pretty dead. I understand it could potentially still be in development. The only way this could be popular again if it actually had multiplayer. (In the comments you said it was multiplayer) but when you access the game no one is online. No one is here. There's no other birds. It's dead silence. If you wanted your game to get out there you'd need to engage more into distributing it to Facebook or adverts. Advertisement is free on most other platforms. No one really knows much about this platform. Unfortunately. I wish there was a way this was more developed. It had so much potential. But now the game is basically bread crumbs. Same as Lif. I really loved playing these games. I don't have a laptop to play it. 2 it's a website you'd need to download. It's suspicious for those as it's not on a platform like Amazon, iOS, android etc. And it's very hard to tell if it actually is multiplayer. People no longer play it now because honestly, people have forgotten about this game. Gamevial deleted it for it to come back 1-3 years later on a totally different platform. It sounds like Gamevial gave up on all their games :( the games I really loved most. The only game they have is the Butterfly game... The worst one on their platform with so many bugs. I hope you eventually take this game further. Otherwise, this game will be non existent in a few years. You could even make purchase options. I would honestly buy this game 3 times to have it fully working and back flying its wings. Its honestly so sad when good games go to waste. <3 best of luck, and I hope something changes. 

Yeah, I feel you. Tbh, for some time I was checking this server everyday, and there were just two people... in an interval of like a week :// 

My nick is Avee, feel free to hit me up, maybe i'll get notifs from here xDD

Also, Gamevial is closed due to they couldn't afford running the site as I remember. 

Btw, have you got a message 'ATTENTION! This version of the game is pirated(?)  ! (...)'  ?   I got it everytime i clicked 'Click here to play'. Now it opened as it should, but later i couldn't play even after refreshing the site. Does that mean RW stolen their own game? xDdd. Guess it's a bug, but wellp

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The piracy warning usually comes whenever you try to play the game on a non-licensed site. We do not condone them using our stuff for profit. Avoid their site (and better not bookmark the link either). 

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Как же много времени прошло с последнего момента, как я играла в эту игру ;-;.. Кстати, почему тут нельзя писать на русском языке, не могли бы вы исправить это


Hey, could anyone give me an invite link to the discord server of this game? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!



thank you so so much!<3

Hello! I am a faithful player from China. I am very glad that you can let this bird game back, I have been enjoying this game when it belongs to GameVial. Unfortunately, due to its disappearance, it is very happy to return again in recent years.

Regarding the new game, I want to know why it can't be multiplayer online,the single game is really boring. Whether  will have an Android version in the future. Also, are you going to make new models with your team?

Looking forward to your reply!

Sorry, no android version in the works right now; multiplayer *should* work though. With it being devoid of players at the moment, it probably doesn't look like it. 

Привет! О боже, настольгия. Уже и не помню сколько времени прошло с последнего момента, когда я играл в эту игру. Последний раз, когда скачивал её, тут была версия и для андроид. Но даже старую версию для андроид нет возможности скачать. Приходится искать на сторонних сайтах, но там все версии 2016 года :( Надолго ли убрали версию для андроид и как скоро она появится? И появится ли вообще? 

There won't be another android version in the foreseeable future. Sorry.

Hey!! I was just wondering why the Mac version was deleted

Unsupported. We have absolutely no way of debugging stuff on that platform (believe it or not; sometimes there's actually platform-based bugs x.x) thus it was removed. There might be emulators tho.

Could it be on the App Store then? And why is there no debugging?

thanks for the reply btw 

I kinda miss playing the game on my Mac :(

App store? I don't think it will. Lack of proper equipment, so to say (we have no macs to compile it in a safe way).
Also, mobile requires double the maintenance - rather unlikely, sorry :'(

Hello! I have a question. Is there any possible way to play the unmodified original version of FLAB3 that supports multiplayer? I understand why your development team has made changes and such, but I struggle a bit with the removel of arrows on the downwards camera and day-night system you have implemented. It's completely fine if not! I was just curious as you mentioned it being open-source.

1. Arrows: Well, stuff is where you'd expect it. A bird doesn't know where the food is exactly. 
2. Day-Night System: What's wrong with it?
3. Finally, the unmodified version: None that would support multiplayer, sorry. We had to work with a somewhat broken source to begin with. With every fix more stuff went buggy. The result is the current version of the game.

Well, greetings from Russia, I am writing through a translator, I hope it will be clear.
  in general, the problem is that I absolutely do not understand how to manage, because I forgot how to do it. at the same time, "instructions" and "credits" in the main menu do not work at all.
 also, I remember that there used to be labels indicating, depending on the color, this or that object, but now they are not there, you need to click something to make them appear, or they are irrevocably removed?

I hope you can answer, it was nice to spend time with these beautiful games before, which I would like to do now.  :^


Hello! Thank you for many bug fixes. But one thing I can't understand: Why did you make all the maps so dark and depressing? More like a horror


The light went haywire again. Weird enough, worked for a while
Being looked into.

Hey i just found this game after years of not playing it. I am confused as to how to play multiplayer. I join multiplayer and there is noone there. Do i have to put in a specific IP address to play or is there something i am missing? I just want to play with other people. Thank you. 

There's few players these days, that's the problem.

Maybee just bring back the old versions with the og stuff and the old chat bar and stuff the new stuff is so hand and makes me mad sometime when it opens the type menu and stuff and fix the poop pls i wanna see my own poop pls

I have noticed that the android apk has deleted, are you fixing some bugs or you have problems and you cant have it on android anymore?

Yeh, since lots changed, lots needs to be re-checked if it still works properly on android.


Thanks for answering 


Thanks for keeping the game alive!

Unfortunately, just like many of the other people here who are coming back to play after however-many years, when trying to register a new account, no verification code was sent to my email... sad times, sad times indeed.

If it isn't too much trouble, is it possible to manually send an email like it seems you've done with the others..?

Username: EsilaDespair

Thank You~~

Might be in the spam folder (some services tend to categorize contabo as spam, idk why that is).
Or might be a little late, that email. Sometimes mailservers are incredibly slow. The account was created 
and waits for verification; there was no error message either. It's gotta be there somewhere, unless yahoo.com
deletes certain mails by default. 

Did you try a different provider, just for good measure? 

Did send the mail manually though, just in case.

Whoops, sorry, turns out it was in my spam folder all along. I have wasted your time, and for this i must repent by playing this game 'til the day I perish.

Nyahaha.. :D Awesome. Good thing it worked out for you.

Hello there, 

I've loved fly like a bird 3 for years now (I started playing in 2010 so pretty much ever since it came out) and am extremely grateful for your dedication (and that of the community) to keeping it alive. If it is alright, I would like to point out a few technical errors I've noticed in the latest update. Firstly, the swan cannot interact with bins nor collect twigs/start a nest. I've only noticed this problem after the August update. Secondly, whenever I build a nest on a sloped surface (i.e. the roof of a building) it retains its flat angle. Lastly, the day-night cycle is out of whack (I'm sure you're sick of hearing this, but it has not yet been fixed so we are going to keep reminding you of it). I'm sure you're working your hardest (and succeeding!)  to make this game as enjoyable as possible, and we are certainly looking forward to any future updates but it would be fantastic if you would be as kind as to consider my observations when making them. Thanks as always.

Hi there!

1. So the swan is definitely bugged.. added to the list, thanks for reporting :)!

2. It's not exactly a bug that the nest isn't sloped on sloped surfaces; it would look extremely strange if the egg aligned to the surface as well; though it probably should just refuse to build the nest there. Shall see about it. Thank you!

3. Idk what's wrong with the day-night cycle though; how exactly is it "out of whack"?

Thanks for responding and apologies if my observation about the day-night cycle was poorly worded.  What I meant to say was that it doesn't begin in the 'daytime' and transition to night then repeat like it did before. Please just ignore this if that is not a bug. Have a good day!

So it doesn't work altogether o.O? Or just the transition? 


The transition works (although it takes quite a while), however the only map which starts at 'daytime' is the cityscape. Again, not sure if this is intentional or not but it seemed odd to me. In any case thanks for your willingness to listen. 

Ah, now I get it. :o Weird enough, since it's the same script - oh well, maybe some variable got reset somewhere. Shall see. Thanks again!

I thought this game was gone forever, I remember not being able to get it to run at some point on GameVial's site. Thank you so much for bringing this back, memories are flooding back. Understandable if this isn't possible, but is there any hope of the 1st & 2nd game being re-released? 

Unlikely they will, sorry.. no source, no game :( 

HOLY CRAP i remember playing an older version of this game awhile ago with my brothers

Welcome back then :)
Let me know if there's any issues.

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No issues yet on mobile. Btw I forgot the name of your games and i was searching for your older games for like hours and finally found your itch.io. So happy to see that your games are still available to play. I remember playing some on gamevial.com :) Also gonna download lif and Knight of the dragon

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When I press log in everything disappears. I've  tried redownloading it multiple times, I think its be because I accidentally erased the server IP but I don't know how to get it back .Sorry if I have bad grammar.

Server IP is:
Please see if using this one fixes the issue :) 

thank you so much! I log in again 

I tried signing up, but haven't received the email verification code, tried again the next day, still no code, advice?

Valid email address?
If yes, Spam folder?
If not there, tried a different provider?

1. yes
2. yes, not there
3. can't get back to the screen to put in a different address

What's your username then?


Ah. Sent you an email to the email address you used.
Received no error message; then again, idk if your provider even returns error messages

Good day

So  is Inviting people the only way to see and play with players? There's no room for anyone to join and chat with strangers and have fun? if thats how it is? are y'all going to be adding a room where players can meet random players? 

Also, are there any new birds?

Thank You!

Everyone can join at any time. There's no restriction (unlike the old flab) for each room.

Yes, there's a new bird

Thank You!

But I'm having trouble logging into the game?

I registered and it's saying what's on the screen?

What am I supposed to do?

Both username and password are case-sensitive. 

hi, how can i get multiplayer? like there is nobody and there isnt the chat. someone help pls i dont wanna play alone

Invite other players to join the game. 

Hello, im sorry for my ignorance, im still learning english. I read the replies, but there's some things that i cant understand. I wanted to know if the multiplayer mode is working, because when i enter a room, there's no chat, or just no one at all.

Also, there's no recycle bins, is that normal?

Yeh, multiplayer works. I don't know why there's no bins; last time I checked, they were there and working. 

I love the game, but I wish there could be more features. Like you could add unlockable birds by doing tasks, events, some form of currency, and/or updated graphics. I also don't see many pedestrians that you can poo on.

re: Unlockables 
- This was actually debated a while ago - people didn't really like the idea though. 

re: Quests
- Would require more gameplay first, in order to have a broad variety of quests.

re: Currency
- Nah, too mainstream :) 

re: Graphics
- Planned

re: Pedestrians
- Yeh, I agree, but for the lack of a proper modeller we need to buy assets in order to replace old stuff.
What's available is mostly low-poly, which would seriously conflict with the graphic style of the game.

Thanks for the suggestions though :D

Deleted 1 year ago

Hey the day and night cycle seems to be broken sometimes it puts you on pitchblack map and doesnt change. And on multiplayer its about to change but keeps looping between early sunrise and just after sun is up. Will this problem be fixed or is it meant to not have day night cycle like the one in past? 

Yeh, seems like the system broke (and the bug somehow evaded our debug squad) ..
Working on a replacement 

Thanks for answer hope its fixed soon!

There is an issue when trying to log into my account. I press the login button, put in the code that gets sent to my email, and then press submit. However, I just get sent another code every time I submit the previous one. Is there any way to fix this?

You may need to enter the exact code, including c-

I have entered the exact code, but I still get a prompt telling me to wait for a code and then submit it.

I manually activated your account after verifying there's no error coming back
Will look into this.. seems weird. 

Deleted 1 year ago

No, this is there to stay. Issues shall be fixed when reported and properly analyzed, but the system will stay :) 

 ??xD (Android)

:'D Horribly misplaced android joypad, isn't it...

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Dear Kouga, Just have brain and writing to you to make flab3 popular. when will the update coming? 
I don't like coming flab 3 empty rooms and you are so proud of flab 3 inactivity.
if you like flab 3 inactivity then stop wasting your money.
Look at gameflare and other site. they aren't aware of flab 3 version and they were expecting flab 3 site multiplayer to work. Count them, they over 100+ people complaining.
and you turn on slow mode in your Discord channel. you did that because they dont want them to swear for you
 before you want to reply me. talk sensible or sell your giant pawpaw
Thank you

Update is coming when update is stable. Unless you prefer a version with bugs that happen at the worst possible time. Testing takes ages especially with people having an actual life aside from Flab3. Also, unpaid people. Keep that in mind, might be important later.

Not proud of the lack of players in flab3, idk where you take that assumption from. The server's running on our (that is, a couple of people) money and my maintenance efforts, I'm unhappy with it being so underused. Can't be helped until the game's a little more stable. No use advertising a game that's unstable. Oh, did I mention the people working on this ain't paid for it? Think I did. 

About Gameflare: It's their responsibility getting multiplayer to run on webgl. They asked for the source, they got the source, they went for WebGL which is incompatible with the included networking plugin. People can always go ahead and download our version instead if they want a working multiplayer mode. 

Slow mode is there because *certain* users thought spamming was fun as hell. People can still post, in case you didn't notice. 

Also, don't demand sensible answers when your whole text is one big rant, mr "I don't have a username". 

(1 edit)
you should still advertise the game even if its not done, would get more people aware that it actually exists. Mrs "i don't have a username"
(1 edit)

Keep your unqualified comments to yourself. You have no idea what's going on and do you think you have the right to complain about a FREE game?  First gather your thoughts and get the correct information before you start writing something here next time. thank you

(1 edit)

Please i didn't call your name. be good 

and am not the only one complain about free game. if it's premium game, i will pay straight. So try and zip your mouth

People can pay for the game if they want. The fact they don't means they'll be the first to complain if it was a paid game. The fact *you* didn't so far makes your statement void. 

Deleted 343 days ago

Advertisement costs money and even if it didn't, it'd cost time and effort. Not worth the trouble until the game's ready, mr "All I can do is throw stuff back at people"

You should make videos about flab3 where people will see it.

You should Post pics about the game on various social places other than discord

eggs broken ? bug ?

Yup. Bug. Fixed bug in the next update though.


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I've been playing this game for years and I'm a fan of the game please keep updating
(please prioritize bird models)
<3 <3

Gosh I've played this game since FLAB2 and after a long long break after growing up from my browser gaming days I finally came back to see if FLAB3 was still live and kicking. Spoiler: It wasn't :(

But then I continued searching and came across the wiki, the discord and then finally the itch page and I am BLOWN AWAY that this game is still getting traction and updates and has a dedicated community in it. 

This was my childhood, thank you for keeping it going, the nostalgia and pure joy this game brought, from the frustrated deaths, making nests and eventually getting chicks, to cheaters and trying to go against them. Man you're the real MVPs 

It's so good to see this game is looking good. The pigeon model looks gorgeous, the new birds?? omg the parrots.... the lil birdies... i love them... so much

Thanks ya'll for keeping it kicking, I'll be coming back to play with some friends too *w*

Thanks for the kind words :)
We're doing our best. Keep in mind there's gonna be an update soon,
changing some stuff. What doesn't work now might be just fine next version.

Hey, there seems to be a bug in multiplayer on PC where the egg will break whether or not you're sitting on it. Is this a known bug and is there any workaround for it?

Actually, it seems to be a problem just with the smaller birds, and it's in both multiplayer and singleplayer. I imagine the "hitboxes" for the egg warming are just too small?

Already fixed in the coming update (which is being re-tested due to security measures having been added and stuff tends to break with big changes) - but you're right, it was about the "hitboxes".

hello are you going to add other birds?😊 and i love this game 😍

Planning to :) Depends on what assets we get our hands on though.
For a lack of modeller, we're buying stuff so we need to see what we can get
in order to add new species.

do it work in 2 gb ram pc ?

Should work, yes. But make sure your graphics card's drivers are up to date.
Also, if the same card is from 20 years ago, this might cause issues. Other than that,
it should work. :)

thx i enjoy it but it got no many things

and noone use multiplayer

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@The little dramaqueen posting idle threats and insults just because you don't get what you want (whatever that is) :

Bite me. Update's going to come and you're not going to stop it. 

If anything, now more than ever. 


sad to see so few players on now since gamevial shut down, but i'm very grateful you guys got this so we can still download it and play. the updated pigeon model looks fantastic btw. 

(1 edit) (+2)

i happy this game still alive

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